Monday, December 6, 2021
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Statistics on kidney disease indicate that nearly 10% of the general population has some form of CKD or chronic kidney disorder. In India, nearly 175 thousand people reach Stage V of CKD suffering from kidney failure that requires regular dialysis or kidney transplant. Nearly 60-70 % of the CKD cases are estimated to result from hypertension and diabetes. The best treatment option for CKD is kidney transplant and dialysis; however it is often not available or not affordable for many Indians. So, prevention is better than cure. Since it takes nearly 10-15 years for CKD to develop, it is very much imperative that people become aware about the disease, its progression and take steps for prevention to live a healthy life.

Nephdoc is a unique endeavor by kidney specialist, Dr. Rajesh Goel to educate people and spread information about kidney disease prevention and its treatment. Knowledge about Kidney disease can not only be empowering for the patients but also for the doctors offering them new perspectives and insights. The disease requires continuous effort and self management, it is very important that patients are well informed and adhere to the prescribed medicines and the right diet. Nephdoc is a sincere effort to help patients and treating doctors to understand kidney disease in-depth with accurate information about diet and restrictions. It offers consistent educational, mental and emotional support to patients by providing a platform for them to interact directly with experts at and share their queries and challenges and get best advice.

Nephdoc is on a mission to provide practical, easy to use information to people about kidney disease, its prevention as well as management for a healthy, comfortable life. With the aim of serving people, the organization is led by Dr. Rajesh Goel working as a Senior Nephrology Consultant in a reputed hospital for several years. His decades of experience and expertise have made him a renowned name in diagnosis and treatment of kidney patients. Having performed more than 1000+ kidney transplants, he has special forte in treating end stage kidney disease, CKD, glomerular diseases and kidney injuries. Focusing his attention on patient care, he takes time to understand their issues resolving them with his compassionate nature offering lifestyle and dietary solutions to manage the disease.

With his efforts, Nephdoc is working towards improving kidney health across India through awareness, education and efficiency in providing sustainable treatment.