Covid-19 Vaccine
Covid-19 Vaccine; beaming right through the stormy clouds of disorder and confusion

The year 2020 will go down in history as a year of fear, dilemma, anxiety and a race against time to bring out a solution to the dreaded Corona virus that brought the entire world to a standstill. Many apprehensions plagued the world as the lockdown began in March 2020 owing to the Coronavirus pandemic. “What will happen?” “Will this frightening situation ever end?”, these and many more such questions perturbed the human mind as scientists around the world worked day and night to find a suitable vaccine. As time passed, these questions squeezed out our mental peace and many found themselves dealing with what is called as Hypochondria or health anxiety. Constant need of sanitisation, panicking about going even to the grocery store, shutting oneself at home and terrifying even at the slightest hint of a cold/cough made 2020 a puzzling year, one that would be remembered for centuries.

In the midst of all the ‘when’s’ and the ‘what if’s’, people eagerly waited for this abysmal state of affairs to take a 180 degree turn. News of the development of Covid-19 vaccine made everyone see the light at the end of the tunnel and after going through a rough patch for all these months, India has finally approved two vaccines for use: the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covishield vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute of India and Covaxin vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech. Nationwide Covid-19 inoculation drive started on 16 January to put an end to the misery and panic caused by Coronavirus.

Vaccinate your way to a healthier and happier life

The approved Vaccines stimulate the body’s natural defences triggering the body to produce its own protection i.e. antibodies which then boost the body’s immune system and protect it against this deadly virus.

Prioritise your physical and mental health: Vaccinate yourself and encourage others too

It is integral to get the vaccination shot to increase the hope for a free and healthy future. Being the only resource to free us from the clutches of this fatal virus, the vaccine builds protection and prepares to fight any foreign element that dares to enter the body. The antibody response that is created in the body prevents the individual from contracting the virus or from suffering serious complications even if they do happen to catch it.

Kidney patients or people with diabetes, cardiovascular disorder or any other respiratory disease have suffered the most at the hands of the Coronavirus. It has caused thousands of deaths across the country; therefore it should not be taken lightly. However, with the entry of the Vaccine, patients with kidney disease or any other severe illness now have the opportunity to stop living a life that is crammed with panic, fear and anxiety about their health. Several studies and analysis have shown that the vaccine effectively shields people who are already suffering from acute diseases.

The National Kidney Foundation urges the federal government to grant priority to patients with kidney diseases to get vaccinated since they are at the highest risk of facing serious complications if they contract the virus. Along with them, their caregivers and health professionals must also be prioritised. Therefore, as a high risk group, kidney patients must take a leap of faith and get vaccinated for their own good and for the general well being of the society.

By getting vaccinated, you are not only protecting yourself but also your loved ones. Even if your immunity makes your chances of fighting the Virus easier, your parents or grandparents might not have the same luxury. And just because someone recovered easily doesn’t mean that yours or your loved ones’ path would be smooth too. Treat your body like a temple since perfect physical health contributes to the comprehensive wellness of oneself. Do not take the risk, shield and secure anyone and everyone. Contribute to the universal welfare of the society and choose a fulfilling and pleasant life by getting vaccinated.

Break the dilemma, choose to feel safe and secured, bid farewell to health anxiety and take the road to freedom by saying YES to the vaccine!